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EU Parliaments to Create Joint Group to Supervise Europol Activities

Bratislava, April 24 (TASR) - EU national parliaments will create a Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) to monitor Europol activities, with each member state obliged to nominate up to four members, according to an agreement reached by representatives of EU parliaments at a summit in Bratislava on Monday.

Thousands Flood Streets of Bratislava to Protest against Corruption

Bratislav, April 18 (TASR) - Thousands of people converged on Bratislava Old Town on Tuesday for a march against corruption, expressing their dissatisfaction with what they see as one corruption scandal after another, with the perpetrators always evading punishment.

Madaric: Quotas for Slovak Music Pose No Harm for Radio Stations

Bratislava, April 17 (TASR) - Slovak radio stations haven't recorded a drop in listeners, and privately owned stations haven't seen any decrease in ad revenues, either; on the contrary, there have even been improvements in these parameters in some cases, said Culture Minister Marek Madaric (Smer-SD) concerning the radio quotas for Slovak music introduced a year ago.

Lajcak: US Attack in Syria an Effort to Prevent Use of Chemical Weapons

Bratislava, April 7 (TASR) - It's undoubtable that chemical weapons were used in Syria in recent days and have caused the suffering and deaths of dozens of innocent people, including children, Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajcak (a Smer-SD nominee) said on Friday.

Nitra: Security Officers to Protect School Bus Drivers from Rowdy Students

Nitra, April 7 (TASR) - School buses carrying children from Orechovy Dvor (Nitra region) will need to operate with the presence of security personnel aboard due to mounting physical attacks of students against the bus drivers, TASR learnt on Friday.

Fico: Extraordinary Session Absurd; Old Wives’ Tales for Three Hours

Bratislava, April 6 (TASR) - The extraordinary parliamentary session convened to hold a vote of no-confidence in Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Minister Jan Richter (Smer-SD) over the Clean Day scandal is absurd, and the Opposition failed to table a single relevant argument for Richter's ouster, said Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) in the debate in Parliament on Thursday.

House Annuls Meciar Amnesties and Kovac’s Presidential Pardon

Bratislava, April 5 (TASR) - Parliament via a resolution that garnered 129 votes from the 144 MPs present on Wednesday revoked the amnesties issued by Vladimir Meciar as acting president dated March 3 and July 7, 1998, as well as the pardon granted by former president Michal Kovac [1993-98] to his own son on December 12, 1997.

Parliament Amends Constitution in Order to Scrap Meciar Amnesties

Bratislava, March 30 (TASR) - Parliament will receive powers to revoke presidential pardons and amnesties if they are in discrepancy with the principles of the democratic rule of law, as the House on Thursday approved a coalition-sponsored amendment aimed at scrapping the amnesties of Vladimir Meciar with 124 votes.

LSNS to Support Bills Aimed at Scrapping Meciar Amnesties

Bratislava, March 20 (TASR) - The far-right People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) will lend its support to the coalition-sponsored legislative proposal to revoke Vladimir Meciar's amnesties and the presidential pardon granted by Michal Kovac to his own son, TASR learnt on Monday.

Cabinet Okays Constitutional Bill to Scrap Meciar’s Amnesties

Bratislava, March 15 (TASR) - An amendment to the Slovak Constitution and a constitutional proposal to revoke the so-called Vladimir Meciar's amnesties garnered the support of the Government on Wednesday, which also passed proposals for them to be deliberated by Parliament via a fast-tracked procedure.

Coalition Unveils Solution for Revoking Meciar’s Amnesties

Bratislava, March 15 (TASR) - A legislative proposal to revoke Vladimir Meciar's amnesties in a constitutional fashion has seen the light of day, the chairmen of the three coalition parties - Smer-SD, Slovak National Party (SNS) and Most-Hid - said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Coalition to Unveil its Solution for Scrapping Meciar’s Amnesties

Bratislava, March 13 (TASR) - The coalition will submit its own constitutional solution to revoke Vladimir Meciar's amnesties at the Government session slated for Wednesday (March 15), Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) said after the Coalition Council session on Monday.

OLaNO Calls on Opposition MP Accused of Immoral Behavior to Come Clean

Bratislava, March 8 (TASR) - The Opposition MP of undisclosed identity who has been accused of immoral behaviour towards a 15-year-old drug addict and client of the Clean Day resocialisation centre should come forward and give up his mandate, according to a call by OLaNO-NOVA leader Igor Matovic.

Fico: I’ll Encourage People Not to Be Afraid to Report Corruption

Bratislava, March 1 (TASR) - Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) is launching his own initiative in the fight against corruption and plans to encourage people not to be afraid to report this phenomenon so detrimental to society, TASR learnt on Wednesday.

Kalinak: Slovakia Has Passed Measures to Minimise Roma Segregation

Bratislava, March 1 (TASR) - Slovakia has implemented programmes that minimise the risk of segregating Roma children and improve their situation and chances of participating in the education system, said Interior Minister Robert Kalinak on Wednesday.

Man Facing Corruption Charges Remanded in Custody

Bratislava, February 28 (TASR) - An employee of an agricultural payment agency identified by a court only as Peter O. who is facing charges of corruption will be prosecuted in custody, according to a decision by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Zitnanska: Anti-extremist Laws Abused by Some to Court Kotleba Voters

Bratislava, February 28 (TASR) - Justice Minister Lucia Zitnanska (Most-Hid) is disturbed to witness an anti-extremist package of criminal legislation abused in a political struggle with an eye towards acquiring voters of Marian Kotleba's far-right People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS), TASR learnt on Tuesday.

Minister Matecna Decorated with French State Award for Agriculture

Paris/Bratislava, February 27 (TASR) - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Gabriela Matecna (a Slovak National Party/SNS nominee) became the first Slovak citizen ever to receive the highest French state award for her contributions in agriculture, TASR learnt on Monday.

Christian Youth Files Complaint Over Alleged Bribery at Bratislava Council

Bratislava, February 22 (TASR) - Christian Democratic Youth of Slovakia (KDMS) filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor-General's Office on Wednesday over the alleged bribing of Bratislava City Councillors that was supposed to take place before the past week's vote on absolute ban of gambling in Bratislava, TASR learnt on the same day.

Woman Who Made Threats Against Muslims Taken Into Custody

Banska Bystrica, February 19 (TASR) - A Specialised Criminal Court judge in Banska Bystrica has partially accommodated the request by the Special Prosecutor's Office to take a 24-year-old woman identified as Sheila Sz. of Ruzomberok (Zilina region) into custody, TASR learnt on Sunday.