New Tourism Project to Link Slovak Zemplin and Ukraine’s Zakarpattia

Michalovce, February 23 (TASR) - Zakarpattia Oblast, with its main centre in Uzhhorod in Ukraine, and the Slovak informal region of Zemplin will be connected by a crossborder project focused on supporting tourism and information flows between the regions, Michalovce (Kosice region) town hall spokesperson Iveta Paleckova informed TASR on Tuesday.

Brown Bear Exhibition in Zvolen Prolonged to End of March

Zvolen, February 16 (TASR) - An exhibition about the biggest Slovak carnivore, the brown bear, at the Forestry and Woodcutting Museum (LDM) in Zvolen (Banska Bystrica region) has been prolonged to the end of...

Parents Support Teachers in Struggle for Better Education

Bratislava, February 11 (TASR) - More than a thousand people gathered on SNP Square in Bratislava on Wednesday evening for a meeting of teachers, parents and friends of schools to express support for the demand that education should become a real and not only proclaimed priority for the Government.

ISU: Cabinet Makes New Promises without Doing Earlier Homework

The Government is coming up with new promises while old commitments remain unfulfilled, Slovak Teachers Initiative (ISU) representatives told a press briefing on Thursday.

Education Ministry: Edunet_SK to Give Schools Virtual Private Network

Edunet_SK doesn't entail buying internet connection for schools; rather, the project will provide schools with a virtual private network (VPN) enabling connection even to the Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry data centre, ministry spokesperson Beata Dupalova Ksenzsighova said Wednesday.

Discontent Demonstrators Enunciate Their Opinions in front of Parliament

Bratislava, February 2 (TASR) - Drums, whistles, rattles and bells resounded in front of the Parliament building in Bratislava on Tuesday afternoon, as about 200 teachers, pupils and their parents voiced their dissatisfaction with...

Most-Hid: Teachers’ Situation Can Be Addressed before Election by Law

Bratislava, February 2 (TASR) - If there's a will to address the situation faced by teachers in Slovakia, it's possible to do so prior to the parliamentary election (March 5), announced Most-Hid chairman Bela Bugar at a press conference on Tuesday, adding that the party has prepared an amendment proposal on the remuneration of employees doing work in the public interest that also includes teachers.

Teachers on Strike Buoy Their Cause by Forming Human Chains

The teachers who have joined the ongoing strike under the umbrella of the Slovak Teachers' Initiative (ISU), joined by supporters of their cause, formed human chains in a number of Slovak cities and towns including Bratislava and Kosice on Monday, TASR learnt on the same day.

Education Ministry: Draxler Carefully Considers Schools’ Requirements

Bratislava, February 1 (TASR) - Education, Science, Research and Sport Minister Juraj Draxler is carefully taking the requirements of the education sector into consideration, according to ministry spokesperson Beata Dupalova Ksenzsighova on Monday.

ISU Invites Draxler to Meeting to Discuss Teachers’ Demands

Bratislava, January 29 (TASR) - The Slovak Teachers Initiative (ISU), which launched a full-blown strike on January 25, invited Education, Science, Research and Sport Minister Juraj Draxler by letter on Friday to talks about its demands at Novohradska Street School in Bratislava on February 1.

€79 million Up for Grabs in Expanding Preschools

The Agriculture and Regional Development Ministry on Thursday issued a call for applications whereby municipalities can seek subsidies towards boosting the capacity of preschools under their bailiwick, TASR learnt on the same day.

Kiska: All Political Parties Are Recipients of Teachers’ Demands

Bratislava, January 28 (TASR) - President Andrej Kiska hosted representatives of the Slovak Teachers Initiative (ISU) at the Presidential Palace on Thursday.

Ten more Slovaks Awarded Title of Righteous Among the Nations

Bratislava, January 28 (TASR) - Ten Slovaks were awarded the honorific title of Righteous Among the Nations for saving Jewish fellow citizens during WWII at a ceremony in the historical parliament building on Zupne Square in Bratislava on Wednesday evening (International Holocaust Remembrance Day).

ISU: Fewer Teachers and Schools Remain on Strike on Thursday

Bratislava, January 28 (TASR) - The number of teachers taking part in the countrywide strike in effect as of Monday dropped from 11,000 on Wednesday to 10,600 on Thursday, the Slovak Teachers Initiative (ISU)...

Hundreds of People Rally in Levice in Support of Teachers’ Strike

Several hundred people from the ranks of teachers, parents of pupils and the general public gathered in Levice (Nitra region) on Wednesday to support the ongoing strike of teachers, TASR learnt later in the day.

Education Ministry: 137 Schools Shut Down Due to Strike on Wednesday

Bratislava, January 27 (TASR) - The number of schools that were closed on Wednesday due to the teachers' strike went down again from the number recorded on Monday (January 25) when the strike started, announced Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry spokesperson Beata Dupalova Ksenzsighova on the same day, based on data sent to the ministry by 10 a.m. by district offices.

Ministry Says 151 Schools Shut on Tuesday, ISU Has Different Figures

Fewer schools remained shut on Tuesday, as their number dropped from 179 on Monday to 151 the following day, according to a statement issued by the Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry released on Tuesday.

SNS and OLaNO-NOVA Side with Teachers, Endorse Their Demands

The demands of teachers on strike for systemic changes in the education sector are justified, because teachers deserve more, both the Slovak National Party (SNS) and OLaNO-NOVA said on Tuesday.

Dissatisfied Teachers Vow Not to Bow, Urge Government to Act

Teachers who've come to Bratislava to express their discontent on Monday expect the Government to do its utmost to see the strike that began on Monday to end post-haste, TASR learnt on Monday.

Opposition Parties Endorse Teachers on Strike

Opposition parties Most-Hid, the Christian Democrats (KDH), OLaNO, SDKU-DS and extra-parliamentary party SKOK have endorsed the strike by some 11,500 teachers that began on Monday, TASR learnt on the same day.