Health Ministry: Only Two Nurses Stick to Notices in Martin

Bratislava, February 15 (TASR) – Only two nurses out of 160 who originally filed resignation notices as part of a mass move at Martin University Hospital (Zilina region) have left their notices in place...

Fico: Smer Has No One to Talk to about Political Programme

Bratislava, February 12 (TASR) - The Opposition's election billboards show that its world works in a programme of poverty and hypocrisy, said Prime Minister Robert Fico at the international 'Social Democracy in 21st Century...

Committee Won’t Look into Fico’s and Pellegrini’s Alleged Wrongdoings

Bratislava, February 12 (TASR) - The parliamentary committee on incompatibility of posts won't carry out further investigations into shortcomings in relation to the law on conflicts of interest allegedly committed by Prime Minister Robert...

Special Session on Education and Health Sector Over after 16 Hours

The special parliamentary session on the situation in the education and health-care sectors has ended after almost 16 hours with two resolutions proposed by the ruling Smer-SD passed and all Opposition proposals rejected.

Nurses Disappointed at Not Being Allowed to Address House

Bratislava, February 11 (TASR) - The Nurse and Midwives Labour Union (OZSaPA) along with Slovak Nurse and Midwives Chamber (SaPA) voiced their disappointment that their representatives were denied the opportunity to address Parliament during the extraordinary session on education and health care crisis, TASR learnt on Thursday.

Pellegrini Opens Extraordinary Session on Health and Education

Bratislava, February 11 (TASR) - Parliamentary Chair Peter Pellegrini succeeded at the third attempt to open an extraordinary parliamentary session focusing on education and health-care, as 138 legislators voted in favour of the session's...

Pellegrini: Opposition Putting on Show, Not Interested in Solutions

Bratislava, February 11 (TASR) - The extraordinary session of Parliament focusing on issues of health care and education is just a pre-election show by the Opposition and not an honest effort to address issues in the sectors, said Parliamentary Chairman Peter Pellegrini prior to opening the session at the third attempt on Thursday.

Prochazka: Parliament “Detox” Sessions Promises to Cut Red Tape

Bratislava, February 10 (TASR) – Parliament should hold one special "detoxification" session annually devoted solely to "cleaning" the legal system with respect to duties imposed on employers and self-governing authorities, according to non-parliamentary Siet...

Fico: I Won’t Respond to Circus-like Absurdities

Kezmarok, February 10 (TASR) - Prime Minister Robert Fico won't be responding to circus-like absurdities. The Cabinet replied in this manner to a call from OLaNO-NOVA leader Igor Matovic – raised earlier on Wednesday – to have Matovic and Fico take a lie detector test together.

Matovic Challenges Fico to Polygraph, Files Complaint against Vandak

Bratislava, February 10 (TASR) - OLaNO-NOVA leader Igor Matovic, speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, called on Prime Minister Robert Fico to undergo a polygraph test with him, saying that if Fico finds the courage to do so, Matovic will give him the 121 million Slovak crowns (about €4 million) that Fico claims he embezzled from his own company.

Kostka: I’m Not Masseur Who Steals

Peter Kostka, the owner of a clinic called Klinika Kostka who has been accused of signing an excessively favourable contract with state-run health insurer Vseobecna zdravotna poistovna (VsZP), denied on Wednesday that he's a masseur who steals.

Simon: Culture Ministry Unlawfully Intervened in Election Campaign

Bratislava, February 9 (TASR) - The Culture Ministry has overstepped its powers, announced Most-Hid vice-chair Zsolt Simon at a press conference on Tuesday, referring to an official letter that the ministry sent to mayor of Lucenec (Banska Bystrica region) Alexandra Pivkova asking her to address unlawful circumstances concerning the election posters of Most-Hid candidates Simon and Stefan Kertesz.

Opposition Insists on Special Session Despite Fico’s Offer to Nurses

Bratislava, February 8, (TASR) - Opposition parties are insisting on summoning an extraordinary session of Parliament to deal with the education and health-care sectors despite an offer made by Prime Minister Robert Fico to nurses on Friday (February 5).

Matovic: Fico Lies, Has Known About the Case for Six Years

Bratislava, February 5 (TASR) - Prime Minister Robert Fico lies when he claims that he acquired the evidence of alleged tax fraud against Igor Matovic-regionPRESS firm, dated from 2008, only these days and thus...

IVO: Smer-SD Overvalued Migration Crisis, Oppotision Internal Problems

The ruling Smer-SD party overestimated the impact of the migration crisis, while the Opposition overvalued internal problems and mutual relations, the Institute for Public Affairs (IVO) President, Grigorij Meseznikov said on Friday.

Fico: Igor Matovic a Tax Swindler Who Laundered Sk122 Million

Bratislava, February 5 (TASR) - Igor Matovic (OLaNO-NOVA) is a tax swindler who employs strawpersons in order to conceal his illegal activities, Prime Minister Robert Fico said at a press briefing on Monday.

Opposition to Deliver Signatures for Extraordinary Parliamentary Session

Bratislava, February 5 (TASR) - The Opposition parties plan to deliver the signatures necessary for convening an extraordinary parliamentary session concerning health care and education on Monday (February 8), TASR learnt on Friday. Ordinary People-NOVA,...

Beblavy Calls on Fico to Shut Down Klinika Kostka

Bratislava, February 4 (TASR) - Non-parliamentary #Siet (Network) party called upon Prime Minister Robert Fico on Thursday to abrogate a contract the state-owned health insurer Vseobecna Zdravotna Poistnovna (VsZP) has concluded with a clinic called Klinika Kostka.

ISU: Cabinet Makes New Promises without Doing Earlier Homework

The Government is coming up with new promises while old commitments remain unfulfilled, Slovak Teachers Initiative (ISU) representatives told a press briefing on Thursday.

SKOK: Radicova Didn’t Bring Down Government, Sulik Should Apologise

Bratislava, February 4 (TASR) - Iveta Radicova's centre-right government (2010-12) wasn't brought down by Radicova in 2011, as Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) chairman Richard Sulik says, but by all representatives of the coalition of that time, said non-parliamentary SKOK party leader Juraj Miskov at a press conference on Thursday.