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Lajcak: No One’s Perfect; But I Don’t See Any Alternative to EU

Banska Bystrica, May 17 (TASR) - No other country that joined the European Union in 2004 has benefited from it more than Slovakia, stated...

Labour Ministry Defends Work for Benefits Policy

The policy that requires people on the receiving end of benefits to work on pain of losing the assistance was introduced with a nod to the discussion on the need to redress the absence of targeting in the social security system and its failure to encourage people to provide for themselves, said the Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Ministry on Thursday.

UPSVaR: 97,513 People Receiving Social Benefits in January

Bratislava, February 23 (TASR) – A total of 97,513 people were registered as receivers of social benefits in January, down by 17,062 people year-on-year...