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Health Ministry Ready to Discuss Salaries with Nurses

Bratislava, April 20 (TASR) - Nurses' salaries have grown more rapidly than the average salary recently, stated the Health Ministry on Thursday in response...

Chamber: Some Nurses Earn Less than €405 Monthly

Bratislava, April 20 (TASR) – Most nurses in Slovakia receive salaries below the national average of €912 per month, while there are also some...

Nurses Expect Systemic Changes from New Health Minister Drucker

The Slovak Nurses and Midwives Chamber (SKSaPA) expects new Health Minister Tomas Drucker (a Smer-SD nominee) to make systemic changes and restore trust in the health-care sector, chamber president Iveta Lazorova has told TASR.

Cislak’s Criminal Complaint Now in Hands of Police

A criminal complaint filed by Health Minister Viliam Cislak for spreading a false alarm in connection with nurses' statements about the danger to health care is already being investigated by the police, TASR learnt from Michal Surek of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Bratislava on Monday.

KDH MPs Call on Fico to Fullfil His Pledge on Nurse Re-hirings

Presov, February 22 (TASR) - Lawmakers Pavol Zajac and Jan Hudacky (Christian Demcracts/KDH) pointed on Monday to the critical situation prevailing in Jan Adam Reiman Faculty Hospital in Presov, understaffed at the moment by some 170 nurses, TASR learnt on the same day.

Health Ministry: Only Two Nurses Stick to Notices in Martin

Bratislava, February 15 (TASR) – Only two nurses out of 160 who originally filed resignation notices as part of a mass move at Martin...

Pellegrini: Opposition Putting on Show, Not Interested in Solutions

Bratislava, February 11 (TASR) - The extraordinary session of Parliament focusing on issues of health care and education is just a pre-election show by the Opposition and not an honest effort to address issues in the sectors, said Parliamentary Chairman Peter Pellegrini prior to opening the session at the third attempt on Thursday.

Kiska: Every Nurse That Leaves Abroad a Loss for Slovakia

Bratislava, February 9 (TASR) - Slovak President Andrej Kiska has been asked by nurses' unions and chamber on Tuesday to contribute to the resolution...

Cislak: Return of Nurses to Zilina Hospital Is Good News

The return of 40 nurses to the Faculty Hospital and Polyclinic (FNsP) in Zilina is good news for patients as well as health-care workers, stated Health Minister Viliam Cislak on Tuesday.

Opposition to Deliver Signatures for Extraordinary Parliamentary Session

Bratislava, February 5 (TASR) - The Opposition parties plan to deliver the signatures necessary for convening an extraordinary parliamentary session concerning health care and...

Fico: Extraordinary House Session Would Bring only Squabbles

Bratislava, February 3 (TASR) - An extraordinary session of Parliament concerning the situation in the healthcare and education wouldn't bring any results, it would bring only squabbles, said Prime Minister Robert Fico at a press conference on Wednesday.

Nurses Ready to Reach Compromise, Await Talks

The nurses who've submitted mass resignations declared their willingness to reach a compromise in order to prevent further damage in the health care sector, TASR learnt from their representatives on Tuesday.

SaS: Cislak Should Be Ashamed for Criminal Complaint on Nurses

Health Minister Viliam Cislak should be ashamed of himself for having filed a criminal complaint yesterday on nurses over their statements on health care being jeopardised due to their resignations, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) chairman Richard Sulik issued a written statement to this effect on Tuesday.

Zilina Hospital Provides Health Care in Full Scope after Nurses Leave

Zilina, February 1 (TASR) - Notwithstanding the departure of some 175 nurses, emergency health care at Zilina Faculty Hospital is being fully maintained and elective care partially, hospital director Ivan Macuga told a press briefing Monday.

Nurse Labours: Cislak’s Criminal Complaint Hardly a Surprise

The criminal complaint filed by Health Minister Viliam Cislak comes hardly as a surprise to nurses on strike, nurse labour unions head Monika Kavecka said on Monday.

Minister Cislak Files Criminal Complaint over Scaremongering

Bratislava, February 1 (TASR) - Health Minister Viliam Cislak is filing a criminal complaint concerning scaremongering with respect to claims by nurses that health care has been put in jeopardy, TASR learnt on Monday.

Opposition Prefers Nurses’ Strike to Be Tackled by Health Committee

Bratislava, February 1 (TASR) - The parliamentary Opposition parties would like to address the situation concerning health care at an extraordinary health committee session rather than a parliamentary one, representatives of KDH, OLaNO, Most-Hid and SaS told TASR on Monday.

Nurses See Hope in Contacting Parties and Special House Session

Zilina, February 1 (TASR) – Nurses who have filed their notice en masse support the idea of summoning a special session of Parliament and will approach all the parliamentary political parties to this end later on Monday, chair of the Nurses and Midwives Trade Union (OZSaPA) Monika Kavecka said late on Sunday evening at an extraordinary meeting in front of Zilina Faculty Hospital.

Kavecka: Presov Hospital Relying on Army to Replace Outgoing Nurses

The Health Ministry has summoned members of the Armed Forces in order to address the shortage of nurses at Presov's J.A. Reimann Faculty Hospital, TASR learnt from head of the nurses trade union Monika Kavecka on Friday afternoon.

Court Bans Collecting Penalties from Nurses for Withdrawing Notices

Kosice, January 29 (TASR) - The Nurses and Midwives Trade Union can't claim penalties amounting to €3,300 per individual from nurses who've withdrawn their...