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Kalinak Rejects Claims of Disadvantageous Real Estate Transactions

Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (Smer-SD) held a press conference on Monday to reject the Opposition's claims in recent weeks that the ministry has wasted money on certain disadvantageous real estate transactions.

Richter: Social Measures Will Be Subject of Discussion with Employers

The Government's social measures are only in the stage of being prepared and will be the subject of discussion with employers, Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Minister Jan Richter (Smer-SD) said following the Cabinet session, adding that each measure will be preceded by an analysis.

Health Ministry Ready to Discuss Salaries with Nurses

Bratislava, April 20 (TASR) - Nurses' salaries have grown more rapidly than the average salary recently, stated the Health Ministry on Thursday in response...

Kollar Denies Immoral Behaviour, Points to Campaign to Discredit Him

Accusations of immoral behaviour regarding a 15-year-old drug addict resident of the Clean Day resocialisation centre in Galanta (Trnava region) are nothing but a campaign to discredit me, Opposition We Are Family party leader Boris Kollar told a news conference held in Parliament on Wednesday.

Danko: RegioJet Should Seek Culprit for Failing Business in Own Ranks

Bratislava, January 5 (TASR) - Reintroducing state-run company ZSSK's InterCity trains on the Bratislava-Kosice route has created healthy competition in Slovakia, as private carrier...

Politicians View Ban on Wearing Burqas in Slovakia as Premature

Bratislava, December 21 (TASR) - Coalition and Opposition politicians approached by TASR on Wednesday don't think that the current situation in Slovakia requires a...

Fico: Smer to Apply Restrictive Measures to People Who Refuse to Work

Bratislava, December 16 (TASR) - Only unemployed people who are honestly looking for a job and those for whom employment is hindered by serious...

Reznik: TASR Is Attentive towards Efforts of V4 Parliamentary Chairs

Bratislava, December 4 (TASR) - The News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) considers the effort of the parliamentary chairs of the Visegrad Four...

Matovic: No One Has Used More Racist Billboards Than SNS

Bratislava, November 9 (TASR) - No one has produced more racist billboards in Slovakia than the Slovak National Party (SNS) before the 2010 general...

Danko: If There Is US-Russian Detente, EU Can’t Be Left Behind

Bratislava, November 9 (TASR) - Elections are to be respected, rather than commented on, so there's a need to recognise that the USA has...

Fico: I Don’t Want Conflict with Kiska; Some Things Don’t Need Saying

Bratislava, November 6 (TASR) - Everyone would welcome it if a conflict between the Slovak president and prime minister emerged, but I don't want...

Kalinak: No-confidence Motion Just an Attempt to Score Political Points

Bratislava, May 30 (TASR) - The Opposition attempt to oust me over the tax case of Ladislav Basternak is nothing but an effort to score political points, Interior Minister Robert Kalinak said on Monday.

Kalinak: Shooting near Velky Meder Was Unambiguously Justified

Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (Smer-SD) told journalists on Wednesday that, based on the information available so far, he finds the action taken by customs officers near Velky Meder (Trnava region) in which a Syrian woman suffered a gunshot injury to be unambiguously justified and appropriate for the situation.