President: We Should Turn Off Phones, Computers and TV on Christmas

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Bratislava, December 24 (TASR) – Christmas is a holiday when we should turn off televisions, computers, mobile telephones and spend more time playing with children, conversing with parents and grandparents so that the beauty of Christmas lingers as long as possible – ideally throughout the entire year, President Andrej Kiska wrote on a social network on the Christmas Eve.

“Christmas is the most beautiful holiday of the year. We’ll sit down around Christmas Eve tables with our nearest and dearest. There will be new members in some families, whereas, unfortunately, there might be fewer of you at other tables. Christmas is the holiday when we should leave the stress and rush behind. We should find time and room to enjoy the festive climate, engage in conversations and tell to those who matter most: I like you,” wrote the President.

Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party/SNS) will spend Christmas at home, surrounded by his family. “I’m certainly going to ski as much as I can manage,” he declared. Danko doesn’t entertain any party plans for New Year’s Eve. “I’m a couch potato. I enjoy New Year’s Eve the most when watching TV.”

Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) was looking forward to Christmas with the joy of a small child, although not because of gifts but rather the prospect of getting some rest. “The past eight or nine months behind me were the most intense in my political career. Therefore, the greatest gift for me would be a few days of complete rest and disconnection from the usual challenging life of a politician. I hope I’ll enjoy that luxury and meet only those I want to meet in those few days. I really yearn for the rest and free time,” he claimed.