Jaguar Land Rover Employees to Be Trained by Private Firm

An assembly line at Jaguar Land Rover's factory, stock photo

Nitra, July 10 (TASR) – Future employees of carmaker Jaguar Land Rover in Slovakia are to be trained by joint-stock company Deutsch-Slowakische Akademien (DSA), which belongs to the portfolio of German firm Europaische Bildungswerk fur Beruf und Gesellschaft (EBG), a company that that runs 36 schools and educational centres in Germany, TASR learnt on Monday.

The vocational education is to be conducted at a secondary trade school (SOS) in Nitra, which has been acquired by DSA under a 15-year rental contract based on a decision made by Nitra regional councillors on Monday.

“Our plan is to expand the dual education system to the widest possible degree. We want to bring in know-how and experience from Germany. We’re ready to invest €4 million in subsequent years in order to build a centre for vocational training and education and to increase the share of practical education. We’d like to begin the construction of a modern training hall – set to be equipped with state-of-the-art devices and equipment – as early as in the autumn. The education system is designed to bear similarities to the one seen at the dual academy run by Volkswagen in Bratislava, with which we cooperate,” said Slavomir Malickay of DSA.

Nitra regional governor Milan Belica welcomes the decision of regional councillors to rent the SOS to a private firm. “Originally, Jaguar Land Rover planned to create its own school at the strategic park, but later it found out that we have good schools, teachers and students, and the SOS in Nitra is certainly a high quality school. One of the advantages of this plan is the fact that we’ll be able to save resources. We were ready to invest €1.7 million in this school and knew that we had to make this investment. Now, money can be saved and used to support some other school. So, there’s a panoply of advantages. If this project meets with success, DSA is even ready to acquire another secondary school; for instance, in Zlate Moravce or Vrable,” said Belica.