Lubomir Vazny to Become New General Director of Socialna Poistovna

Lubomir Vazny new chief of Slovenska Poistovna (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 7 (TASR) – Lubomir Vazny (Smer-SD) will be the new general director of social insurer Socialna poistovna, with the  Cabinet approving his appointment at its session on Thursday.

Vazny will replace Dusan Munko (Smer-SD), whose term of office expires on July 24.

Vazny has served as transport minister (2006-10) and deputy prime minister for investments (2012-16) in the past. The proposal for his appointment to the new post was submitted by the Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Ministry.

The term of office of Socialna poistovna’s general director is six years. Munko first occupied the post in 2008, but he was dismissed in late August 2010 by the former government of Iveta Radicova (2010-12) due to alleged violation of laws concerning Socialna poistovna’s management. He was replaced in the post by Lubos Lopatka. Munko again became general director in 2012 when the Constitutional Court annulled the decision of Radicova’s government and Lopatka resigned.