Wasley: I’d Like to See Further Involvement of Slovakia in Afghanistan

Joint training of American and Slovak soldiers at the exercise area of the 5th regiment of special designation in Zilina during a visit of Charge d'Affaires of the US Embassy in Slovakia Liam Wasley on Tuesday (photo by TASR)

Zilina, February 9 (TASR) – Charge d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Slovakia Liam Wasley on Tuesday paid a visit to the 5th regiment of special designation in Zilina and thanked them for sacrifices they made during their work in Afghanistan.

“I would welcome any further involvement of Slovakia and the 5th regiment in providing training to Afghan security forces,” said Wasley, who got to know regiment’s history, designation and main tasks on Tuesday.

Wasley also met with members of American special forces that are based in Slovakia and are engaged in joint military trainings with the 5th regiment. “I consider this regiment to be one of the best units of the Slovak Armed Forces with respect to collective defence. I’d like to thank Slovakia for its political and material support of the 5th regiment. I’d also like to emphasise that the 5th regiment’s warrant officer Martin Bohacik will become a commanding non-commissioned officer of the NATO High Readiness Forces,” said Wasley.

Fifth regiment of special designation commander Lubomir Sebo added that these joint activities with American special forces have been facilitated since 2011. “Today we’ve seen an exercise of responding to ‘green-on-blue’ attacks (that is when an Afghan policeman or soldier fires on coalition forces in Afghanistan – ed.note). There are seven members of American special forces and 24 members of the 5th regiment. It’s sort of an education in areas the both sides need,” emphasised Sebo.

Sebo said that the Americans will train here for three weeks. “This week takes place in Zilina, the next week they’ll participate in practical occupations in the Training Centre in Lest (Banska Bystrica region), while the last week will be focused on exercises in mountainous terrain,” concluded Sebo.