Almost 200 People in Slovakia Ready to Provide Accommodation to Refugees


There are almost 200 people in Slovakia prepared to provide accommodation to refugees, SME daily writes on page 4 on Friday, adding that hundreds more are ready to help them financially or arrange things at offices.

However, the Government does not plan to accept additional refugees, even if they were Christians. “No further admission of refugees is planned at the moment,” said Interior Ministry spokesperson Marta Fabianova.

About 1,000 people, who expressed a will to help refugees with their integration, filled in a questionnaire prepared by the ‘Who Will Help’ initiative. Over 800 them would be able to help them find a job, while almost all of them are willing to help teaching them Slovak. They are able to raise almost €30,000 in three months. Over the past few weeks the organisation has trained 13 volunteers who are able to work directly with refugees. “At the moment they are waiting how they could be helpful,” said the initiative’s spokesperson Michaela Pobudova.

Based on the EU Council’s decision on the emergency relocation from September 2015, Slovakia is obliged to accept 652 asylum seekers from Greece and 250 from Italy.