Analysis: 40 New COVID-19 Cases Daily on Average in August

Stock photo by TASR/AP

Bratislava, September 8 (TASR) – Throughout August there were 40 new COVID-19 cases detected daily on average, according to an analysis drafted by Public Health Regional Office in Banska Bystrica, based on data from EPIS Epidemiological Information System.

The analysis was released by the Public Health Office on its website.

Laboratories conducted a total of 73,422 tests, out of which 1,526 persons or 2.07 percent tested positive. In that category, 826 cases or 54 percent were asymptomatic, 64 cases developed fever and 18 cases pneumonia. There were also rare cases with sensoric or intestinal symptoms.

“Over the month of August, 416 imported cases from 42 countries were detected. Most of the imported cases originated from Ukraine (137 cases), Croatia (58 cases) and the Czech Republic (54 cases),” reads the analysis.

In terms of age, the largest number of the infected was in the 25-34 years category, but COVID-19 illness emerged in all age groups. The highest tally of cases in August was reported in the regions of Bratislava, Trnava and Trencin.