Analysis: 51.5 percent of Recent Coronavirus Cases in Slovakia Imported

A healthcare worker prepares to collect a sample to test for COVID-19. (Photo: AP)

Bratislava, July 15 (TASR) – As many as 51.5 percent of the registered coronavirus infections in Slovakia between June 1-July 8 were imported from abroad, while 69 percent of the 363 cases were asymptomatic, stated Banska Bystrica Regional Public Health Authority epidemiologists Maria Avdicova and Jana Namesna in an analysis.

The time frame was set to capture the situation after Slovakia relaxed some of the measures aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus.

When it comes to symptomatic cases, 84 people had respiratory symptoms, 18 people had fever, three had affected lungs, two had a form of COVID-19 affecting the senses and one person had the intestinal form of the disease.

Per capita, the highest number of cases was registered in Zilina region and the lowest in Nitra and Trnava regions.

The highest number of imported cases came from the Czech Republic – 48. It was followed by Ukraine – 40, the UK – 29, Serbia – 14, Macedonia – seven and Saudi Arabia – six.

Five cases each came from the USA, Sweden and Germany; four each from the Netherlands and Italy; three each from Hungary and Belarus; two each from Switzerland, France and the United Arab Emirates; and a single case each from Turkey, Thailand, Romania, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria and Albania.