Archives: 19th-century Slovakia Had Snowstorms as Early as in October

The village of Čičmany (Žilina region) in winter. (Stock photo by TASR)

Martin, December 25 (TASR) – In the 19th century, Slovakia was frequently troubled by the first snowstorms as early as in October and frosty weather continued until Saint Catherine’s Day (November 25), TASR has been told by Slovak National Library spokesperson Katarina Stefanides Mazarova, who was citing copies of 19th-century newspapers.

“Thaw then followed – or didn’t. It seems that our forefathers were experiencing autumns that we don’t even dream about,” said the national library spokesperson.

A particularly strong winter with heavy snowfall was seen in 1855-1856. “Slovaks then had 75 nights with frost and 52 days with the daytime highs not exceeding zero degrees Celsius. Conversely, bees were seen flying in Gemer [a traditional region in south-central Slovakia – ed. note] on Christmas Day of 1857, flowers were blooming and even the oldest people were saying that they hadn’t remembered such holidays,” added Stefanides Mazariova.