Bansko Likely Sees First Killing of Human Being by Bear on Record in Slovakia

Brown bear (stock photo by TASR)

Liptovska Luzna, June 14 (TASR) – A 57-years-old man, who was found dead in a forest in Bansko Valley in Zilina region on Monday, was probably the first human being on record killed by a bear in Slovakia, TASR was told by Slovak Forests communications department director Marina Debnarova on the same day.

According to her, a coroner found biting injuries on the man’s head, neck and other parts of his body.

“Fresh bear traces were found at the scene. Slovak Forests have been alerting for a long time about the rising risk of encounters of humans with bears, mainly in natural areas,” said Debnarova, adding that the autopsy is likely to confirm that the man was indeed killed by a bear.

The police received an announcement of a missing man on Monday morning. “During the search operation, we found the missing person lifeless in an area belonging to the village of Liptovska Luzna in Ruzomberok district,” said a police spokesperson.