Bratislava Regional Authority Tightens Coronavirus-related Measures

Bratislava (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 12 (TASR) – The Bratislava regional authority, which has been put on the list of ‘red’ zones, will tighten coronavirus-related measures as of Monday (September 14), the Bratislava Regional Public Health Authority has reported on its website.

The restrictions will apply to all districts of the Slovak capital, as well as districts of Malacky, Senec and Pezinok. The authority has banned organising outdoor mass sports, cultural and other events for more than 100 guests and indoor events for more than 50 people there. Exempted from the ban will be mass events whose participants will have tested negative for COVID-19, but their test result can’t be older than 12 hours.

At the same time, no private/public events can be held between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., with the exception of weddings attended by less than 30 people.

The ban doesn’t concern the sessions of state and regional authorities and other sessions that take place based on the law.

Swimming pools must limit their capacity to 50 percent of visitors.

Public catering establishments, i.e. restaurants, bars, cafeterias, wine-bars, pubs, as well as discotheques, gambling houses and night clubs can only be open until 11 p.m. with the exception of weddings attended by less than 30 persons.

Care homes will have to ensure a ban on visits in their interior facilities. The only exception are visits by priests.

The authority doesn’t recommend organising any events for seniors. It doesn’t recommend organising family celebrations, either.

The authority recommends people to get vaccinated against seasonal influenza and bacterial pneumonia.