Bugar: Worst Government Possible Would be Smer with SNS

Most-Hid chairman Bela Bugar (TASR archive)

(TA3, February 14, ‘V Politike’)

The worst Government possible that could emerge after March election is Smer-SD with the Slovak National Party (SNS), said Most-Hid chairman Bela Bugar on TA3’s show ‘V Politike’ (In Politics) on Sunday.

According to Bugar, the best option would be a right-wing Government. “Our aim is to create a Government of the right,” responded Bugar to questions on possible coalition of Smer and Most-Hid.

Bugar said he believes Most-Hid could post a double-digit result in the election.

Bugar is convinced that there is a possibility to replace the incumbent single-party Government. He added that the future Government has to be very stable, so possible right-wing associates shouldn’t attack each other.

According to Bugar, the core of the new Government should be Most-Hid, Christian Democrats and Siet. With regard to Siet, Bugar said that it’s a new party and new parties are always a risk. “It’s important for a chairman to be determined and stable in his decisions,” said Bugar.