Cabinet Attends Final Part of Slovak Shield Exercise

(stock photo by TASR)

Lest, September 27 (TASR) – Slovakia’s BVP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, Abrams M2 American tanks as well as Slovak-Finnish 8×8 military vehicles that are currently being developed formed part of the display of co-operation between the Allies’ armies within the final day of the 2018 Slovak Shield international exercise on Friday, which took part at the Lest training camp in Banska Bystrica region.

A total of 1,500 soldiers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and the USA took part in the international exercise along with 55 pieces of heavy equipment and 250 pieces of wheeled equipment.

“The exercise’s objective has been met. We have practiced the interoperability and all the plans needed for securing the defence of the Slovak Republic,” said Chief of Slovak Armed Forces’ General Staff Daniel Zmeko.

The final exercise was also attended by Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) and the Cabinet members. The premier said that the Government has recently made a number of serious decisions regarding the major modernisation of the Slovak army. “That’s why we decided to come to the final part of this exercise to find out how this modern equipment is being used and how the Slovak Army is involved in international co-operation within the Alliance,” Pellegrini told journalists.

“I’m glad that the Slovak Government has accepted my invitation to attend this exercise,” said Defence Minister Peter Gajdos (SNS). “I wanted to show them how the Defence Ministry is investing the money to defend the state,” added Gajdos, noting that the ministry also wanted to show the Government how the training is synchronised with the modernisation process.