Caputova: Online Education Was Enriching in End

President Zuzana Caputova (photo by TASR)

Lozorno, June 1 (TASR) – It seems that online education was enriching in the end, said President Zuzana Caputova during a visit to a primary school in the village of Lozorno (Bratislava region) on Monday on the occasion of International Children’s Day and the first day back at school after a considerable break due to coronavirus.

The president took part in online education and met teachers and pupils of the first and second grades. She stated that teachers and pupils managed to get through the whole or almost whole curriculum during the period when only online lessons were possible, adding that relations between teachers and pupils have strengthened thanks to this. “The children themselves stated that this relationship is more about a partnership after this experience. Meanwhile, it also had an inspiring influence on teachers, as they had to learn a lot,” said Caputova, adding that at the same time they found ways to teach children who won’t be able to attend classes in the future, due to health reasons, for example. “The whole experience was demanding for everyone, but in the end it brought many benefits, including for teacher-pupil and teacher-parent relations,” added the president.

Caputova chose the primary school in Lozorno for several reasons. “This school has been doing well in integrating pupils from socially weaker groups of the population. At the same time, I appreciate the approach of the municipality, which has provided internet to the whole village free of charge, thereby supporting online education a great deal,” she said.

Schools and nursery schools in Slovakia had to close in March due to the coronavirus outbreak. As of Monday education is being resumed for pupils from the first to fifth grades of primary schools, while nursery schools have also reopened.