Capybara Quadruplets Born in ZOO Kosice

Capybara Quadruplets from the ZOO Kosice (photo by TASR)

Kosice, November 4 (TASR) – ZOO Kosice is expanding its animal population as it has recently witnessed the birth of capybara quadruplets, TASR learnt on Friday.

Their mother was transported to the ZOO Kosice from the ZOO Spisska Nova Ves (Presov region) back in 2011. Their father was born in the ZOO Berlin and was moved to Kosice about two years ago.

“The young capybaras are doing fine; they’re lively. All the zoo’s capybaras are currently sheltered in a temporary winter accommodation. They’ll return to the upper pond when it’s warmer in the spring,” said Vlasta Palkova of the ZOO Kosice.

“Unlike many other rodents, the capybara young are born completely developed, so they can follow their mother right after birth. They’re a true copy of their adult version, but on a much smaller scale,” stated Eva Malesova of the ZOO Kosice.

The capybara is the largest living rodent in the world. They consume grass and vegetables. Capybaras are excellent swimmers. Their natural habitat is in South America, somewhere between Panama and northern Argentina. An adult individual weighs between 30-50 kilograms.