Chamber: Some Nurses Earn Less than €405 Monthly

(Stock photo by TASR/AP)

Bratislava, April 20 (TASR) – Most nurses in Slovakia receive salaries below the national average of €912 per month, while there are also some who earn less than €405 gross, Slovak Nurses and Midwives Chamber (SKSaPA) head Iveta Lazorova said at a press conference on Thursday.

A survey taken among hundreds of nurses has revealed that more than three quarters of them are unhappy with their salaries, while only 3 percent are completely happy with their pay and 19 percent are relatively satisfied, said Lazorova.

According to the survey, the largest band (21 percent) includes nurses whose gross monthly salaries reach €601-700 per month, while 19 percent earn €701-800, another 19 percent receive €801-900, and 11 percent make €501-600.

“There are even nurses in health care who have average monthly salaries of between €405-500 (2 percent) and even below €405 (1 percent),” said Lazorova.
Meanwhile, nurses also complain about feeling jaded, with 45 percent in the survey stating that their employers don’t observe norms concerning numbers of hospital patients per nurse.

“Only one quarter of nurses don’t have to work overtime,” said Milan Laurinc, a member of the SKSaPA presidium and board.