Chief Hygienist: Flu on Rise in Slovakia, Two Fatalities Reported

(Photo by TASR/AP)

Bratislava, February 19 (TASR) – The number of people with flu in Slovakia has surged this week – by 20 percent compared to the previous week (more than 10,000 new cases), with the disease also claiming two lives, Slovakia’s chief hygienist Ivan Rovny reported on Friday.

The highest incidence was in Nitra region and the lowest in Kosice region. Overall, 20 serious cases of acute respiratory diseases have been reported this season, including the aforementioned two fatalities – one from Trencin region and the other from Svidnik (Presov region).

A total of 25 people died of acute respiratory infection last influenza season (2014/15). This includes 19 cases with the presence of the flu virus confirmed by laboratory tests.

In total, doctors have reported that almost 70,000 people have been suffering of acute respiratory diseases this week. Meanwhile, the situation has resulted in the temporary closure of 54 nursery schools, 25 primary schools and one secondary school this week alone. Flu season in Slovakia usually lasts until April.

Rovny did not provide any details of the deceased.