Children from Children’s Homes Can Get Driving Licence almost Free

Labor Minister presents new project for children from children's homes (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 26 (TASR) – Children from children’s homes who are preparing for life outside will be able to take their driving tests almost free of charge, Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Minister Jan Richter told a news conference held in Parliament on Friday. 

This will be covered via a project called ‘Driving Licences for Children from Children’s Homes,’ in which three Slovak automotive companies have deposited €45,000. The amount will be enough to refund around 100 driving licences. Those interested can apply at email adress

The project is being implemented by NGO ‘We Care’ under the auspices of Parliamentary Chairman Peter Pellegrini. The project’s guarantor is the Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Ministry.

There are 91 children’s homes in Slovakia, said Richter “There are almost 700 residents in them aged between 16-18, so-called young adults, while 322 are older than 18. These are the categories that might be interested in acquiring a driving licence,” he said.

“Upon reaching maturity, children leave children’s homes with a minimum amount of savings, which is hardly enough for them to ensure their future significantly. We wanted to try to give them an additional skill that would help them to find a job,” explained Pellegrini, adding that driving licences are almost a must these days.

According to Pellegrini, those interested in obtaining driving licences in this way can apply for them as of Friday. They must send an application plus cover letter to the above email address. Applications will be assessed by a commission made up of representatives of the Labour Ministry and carmakers’ foundations. Applicants won’t be able to get a driving licence completely for free. “Participation in a driving course is conditioned by a €30 fee from the applicant,” said Daniel Bradac of We Care.

The current sum of €45,000 has been put into the project by KIA Motors Slovakia, Volkswagen Slovakia and PSA Peugeot Citroen. Their representatives believe that the project will facilitate a good start to real life for young adults.