Cislak: Return of Nurses to Zilina Hospital Is Good News

Viliam Cislak

Bratislava, February 9, (TASR) – The return of 40 nurses to the Faculty Hospital and Polyclinic (FNsP) in Zilina is good news for patients as well as health-care workers, stated Health Minister Viliam Cislak on Tuesday.

At the same time Cislak expressed his thanks to all nurses who didn’t abandon their patients and continued to work at the hospital in Zilina, thereby confirming their high professional qualities as well as moral credit. “This is a clear message concerning their relationship to work, relationship with patients, the provision of health care and commitments stemming from the mission of the health-care profession. The managers of the hospitals in Zilina and Presov have shown a great deal of professionalism, managerial foresight and abilities, too, by doing their utmost to provide necessary health care to patients also at tense moments,” said the minister.

Head of the Health Ministry’s communications department Zuzana Cizmarikova reported that nurses have made an unambiguous decision to start working after familiarising themselves with salary decisions and working conditions on an individual basis. “The FNsP management has agreed on terms for labour contracts individually with 40 nurses. As of this morning 33 nurses have signed work contracts at FNsP Zilina,” added Cizmarikova.

She went on to say that acute health care is being fully provided on Tuesday and that the hospital has resumed scheduled surgical operations. “FNsP’s top priority at the moment is to sign a collective agreement, with a meeting on this issue due to take place in Zilina on Thursday, February 11, 2016,” said Cizmarikova.