Clean Day Resocialisation Facility Definitively Losing Its Licence

Clean Day resocialisation facility (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 14 (TASR) – The Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Ministry has definitively withdrawn the licence of the Clean Day resocialisation facility in Galanta (Trnava region), website reported on Wednesday, adding that the ministry itself confirmed the information for private channel TV Markiza.

The ministry announced that its decision will take effect as soon as administrative proceedings with all the parties concerned are completed. “The condition for its delivery, i.e. confirmation of receipt of the verdict is therefore needed if the verdict is to become valid,” said Daniela Rodinova from the ministry.
The facility can still appeal against the verdict. However, a potential appeal would be assessed by Labour Minister Jan Richter (Smer-SD) who doesn’t see any reason to change the decision.
[It was alleged that minors living at the centre were sexually abused by the centre’s staff. – ed. note]