COVID-19: Twelve Districts in Slovakia to Be Coloured Orange As of Next Monday

Stock photo by TASR

Bratislava, August 18 (TASR) – A total of 12 districts will be coloured orange (alert) in the COVID-19 automaton as of Monday (August 23), with all other districts remaining green (monitoring), the Government decided at its online meeting on Wednesday.

The orange districts are as follows: Banska Stiavnica, Gelnica, Kezmarok, Kosice I-IV, Levoca, Poprad, Spisska Nova Ves, Stropkov and Vranov nad Toplou. All other districts remain green.

In green districts fully vaccinated people can engage in most activities without any restrictions, while those who haven’t been vaccinated or recently tested negative for COVID-19 must expect slight restrictions. Wearing face masks remains mandatory indoors in both green and orange districts.

In orange districts, stricter conditions apply for mass events, restaurants, fitness and wellness centres, weddings and funerals. The number of people allowed to attend will depend on the entry rules chosen by their organisers.

Establishment owners and mass event organisers will decide to whom they will grant access. There are three variants to choose from – access for fully vaccinated people only, OTP (only for the vaccinated, negatively tested and those who have overcome COVID-19) and the so-called base mode, meaning all customers/visitors.