Driver Lipsic Runs Over Pensioner Who Later Dies in Hospital


Bratislava, September 20 (TASR) – MP Daniel Lipsic (OLaNO-NOVA) while driving his car ran over a 72-year-old pensioner on Vajnorska Street in Bratislava on Monday evening, with the pensioner subsequently dying from his injuries, Novy Cas daily has reported on its internet version.

An ambulance took the pensioner to the hospital in Bratislava’s borough of Ruzinov, where he died a couple of hours later.

The road accident is currently being investigated by the police. Bratislava police spokesperson Lucia Mihalikova said that the investigation so far has shown that a 43-year-old driver of a Skoda Superb was proceeding along Vajnorska Street in a lane leading to the city centre.

“For as yet unknown reasons it [the car] collided with a pedestrian who was crossing the road near a zebra crossing in the direction of Kutuzovova Street,” said Mihalikova. “Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to save the man despite the great efforts of our staff,” said Bratislava University Hospital spokesperson Zuzana Eliasova, who added that the man was admitted in a very serious condition on Monday.

Lipsic’s breathalyser test following the incident was negative. A blood sample will be taken from the pensioner’s blood to test for the possible presence of alcohol. “The exact causes, circumstances, as well as the degree of culpability in the accident are currently subject to an investigation, said Mihalikova.

Lipsic confirmed for the daily that he was driving the car. “I was at a nearby shopping centre. I wasn’t driving very fast, I expect around 50 km/hour, and I noticed the elderly man only moments before hitting him. He was dressed in dark clothes, without any reflective elements. He might have been coming out of a nearby wine bar. I think that the collision happened someway beyond a zebra crossing, but this will be subject to an investigation. I’m very sorry about it … and I’ll do my best to help the family if it wants this. Until the very last moment I hoped that it wouldn’t have fatal consequences. I would like to express my sincere sympathy to the whole family,” Lipsic told Novy Cas.