Electricity Utilities Tackling Effects of Severe Storms in West Slovakia

(Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 12 (TASR) – Electricity utility West Slovak Distribution Company (ZSD) on Saturday reported that it was still dealing with the effects of severe thunderstorms accompanied by high winds reaching a speed of 100 kilometres per hour that hit western Slovakia on Thursday night.

Around 6,000 customers were still without electricity on Saturday noon, mainly in Bratislava and its vicinity, as further damage was also caused by storms that affected the same locations on Friday night.

Electricity utility West Slovak Energy (ZSE) on its Facebook profile reported that its staff was dealing throughout Friday mainly with damage on high voltage lines, as wires on many locations had been torn by fallen trees.

“Due to the extent of the damage, these repairs required relatively more time and cooperation of several emergency units,” stated ZSE, adding that only afterwards it was possible to began dealing with blackouts that affected specific customers.

“All available emergency units have been deployed,” stated ZSE on Saturday.