OTS: Feliks Nowosielski Bust Marks Polish Independence Day


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Polish Independence Day is indirectly related to the other European countries because they all emerged from the circumstances at the end of World War I. The Polish holiday
is therefore simultaneously a celebration of the reemergence of a Polish state and
a commemoration of those who fought for it.

How does the context of a Republic of Poland deepen our understanding of it?

In honor of the century of the restoration of Polish Independence, the City fund new monument featuring the Feliks Nowosielski bust in central Brwinow.

A Beautiful celebration concert were organized at the complex in Siennica on June 25, 2017, under the aegis of members of family from the La Maison de la Paix Foundation. Many favorite hymns and songs of the Queen and Royal Family inaugurated the Event 265th Anniversary at 10:30 o’clock. Mr Mark Kamiński from Wrocław Philharmonic led the musicians of the National Philharmonic and Musicians of the Grand Theater in Warsaw. The construction began in the 1750s was completed in June 1756, other buildings were erected in the Abbey grounds by Antonia Nowosielska. ( Her Family – members of the Senate and Sejm of existing from the early 14th century until last  Parliament of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.) Their Architectural National historic landmarks of Lithuania, Belarus and Poland commemorates the Polish Wars of Independence.

La Maison de la Paix of Poland include in their coverage the public statements had huge shortly politic repercussions on the President’s RP Chancellery. In the context of that concert and commemoration of 90th birthday of the Queen Elisabeth, the Prince William, Duke
of Cambridge and his wife the Duchess Kate and their two children Prince George, Princess Charlotte also soon first-time visited   Poland on July 17th,2017.

About a three days before it happened, in these extraordinary circumstances, His Holiness Pope Francis has blessed Philip de Sapieha’ Szymczak-Nowosielski with Vatican’s silver medal. Philip has been mentioned… as a future possible presidential candidate for the U.S.A.


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