Fico: I Don’t Need Compact Ghettos with Different Religion and Culture

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (TASR archive)

(TA3, February 14, ‘V Politike’)

Slovakia will never import any migrants here based on a dictate, declared Prime Minister Robert Fico on TA3’s ‘V Politike’ (In Politics) on Sunday.

“I don’t need any compact ghettos with a different religion and culture. These people can’t integrate normally and they will then make problems, like in Germany and Brussels,” said Fico.

Fico was talking in response to a demarche that Slovakia received from Germany, about which Fico reported on Saturday. It concerned the planned discussions of the Visegrad Four (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) with Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and Bulgaria about protection of their borders.

Fico senses Germany’s nervousness as being behind the demarche. “They don’t like it that we don’t want to be obedient,” said Fico.
He emphasised that Slovakia didn’t bring down countries from which refugees are coming, nor did it invite them. He reiterated that Slovakia rejects mandatory quotas on refugee relocation.

According to Fico, Slovakia is convinced that Greece failed in protection of the Schengen area borders. “Thousands of people are pouring in every day … without checks, and they a danger to us. This is the biggest risk, and one that can stop the economic growth of the whole EU. When borders are closed down, there will be border checks, freedom of movement of people and commodities will be curtailed and that will have a huge impact on economic growth. Therefore we care about stopping the influx of migrants,” said Fico.