Fico: People to Choose either Coalition of Two or Right-wing Hodgepodge

Prime Minister Robert Fico (TASR archive)

(TA3, February 14, ‘V Politike’)

Prime Minister Robert Fico, speaking on TA3’s ‘V Politike’ (In Politics) on Sunday, said that there are two alternatives on the political scene, either a stable coalition of Smer-SD and one other party or a wide right-wing ‘hodgepodge’, which is to be decided by the people in the general election March 5.

“From these two alternatives it would be better if there arises a stable coalition of two that would give make room for Slovakia to be able to go forward,” said Fico, adding that a stable Government is needed also for the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the latter half of the year and also in regard to the migration issues.

Fico can imagine the coalition with standard political parties, mentioning Christian Democrats (KDH) and Most-Hid. He pointed out that Smer-SD is committed to social democracy and respects the role of the state. Fico said that KDH has clear ideological values and Most-Hid is shaping up as a ‘liberal-conservative party with outlined values’.

According to Fico, individual candidates on the slate of extraparliamentary Siet (Network) don’t even know each other. Fico thinks that if Siet was faced with a matter involving values – for instance, abortions – Siet’s Parliamentary caucus would fall apart, and that is not good for a Government.

Fico deems stability of a caucus as important for stability of the Government. “Only standard parties give a better guarantee that a Parliamentary majority will be preserved,” said Fico, adding that he is not excluding anyone from post-election discussions.