Fico: Target Is to Strengthen Social State and Increase Living Standard

Prime Minister Robert Fico at a press conference following Smer's programme conference in Banska Bystrica (TASR)

Banska Bystrica, February 13 (TASR) – Further significant strengthening of the social state and the increase of the living standard of Slovaks are fundamental objectives of Smer-SD in 2016-20 that Prime Minister Robert Fico presented at Smer’s programme conference in Banska Bystrica on Saturday.

According to Fico, Smer’s target is also to achieve balanced budget by 2020 and continue increasing the minimum salary so that it would pass €500 per month by 2020. Currently the minimum salary is €405 per month.

Fico admitted that the situation in the next election period will be influenced by the migration crisis. Regarding the issue, Fico said that Smer-SD will not allow the creation of any coherent community with a different religion in Slovakia. According to Fico, such communities are unable to integrate.

“We are continuing with the lawsuit against quotes … We won’t stand and watch how thousands of migrants are arriving every day. I refuse senseless political correctness. The protection of citizens is the highest priority for Smer-SD,” declared Fico.

Regarding the situation after the March election, Fico says he would prefer a stable government comprised of two parties.

According to Fico, four years of Smer’s Government showed that apocalyptic forecast of the right wing parties haven’t come to pass. “Slovakia has quality public finance and that is a proviso for the growth of people’s quality of life,” said Fico.