Fire Hits over 77 Hectares of Forest between Lab and Jakubov

Firefighters in action (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 29 (TASR) – Professional and voluntary fire-fighters have been dealing with a forest fire between the villages of Jakubov and Lab in the district of Malacky (Bratislava region) for more than 20 hours since Wednesday, Zuzana Farkasova of the Fire and Rescue Corps’ (HaZZ) presidium told TASR on Thursday.

In view of the large extent of the fire and the numbers deployed, the commander of the extinguishing efforts set up an operations base as early as on Wednesday (28 June).

The fire has hit over 77 hectares of forest so far. “At the moment 160 firefighters are tackling the fire. Eight reaction sections have been established at the site. An Interior Ministry helicopter was engaged at the site until 11 a.m. on Thursday, dropping 3,000 litres of water 34 times,” said Farkasova.