Focus Poll: All Current Parties Would Have Got into House Except Siet

(Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 12 (TASR) – Had a general election been held in early May, the governing coalition Smer-SD party would have gained the most votes – 28.7 percent, winning 52 seats in Parliament, according to a poll that Focus agency conducted on a sample of 1,003 respondents between May 3-9.

Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) would have come second, obtaining 13 percent of the votes and 24 seats in Parliament, while the Slovak National Party (SNS) would have garnered 11.2 percent and 20 seats.

Next came Kotleba-People’s Party Our Slovakia on 8.9 and Ordinary People-NOVA on 8.8 percent (both 16 seats).

Most-Hid on 7.1 percent and We Are Family-Boris Kollar on 5.9 percent would have made it into Parliament as well, both gaining 11 seats.

Of the parties currently in Parliament, only Siet (Network) on 3.5 percent wouldn’t have made it into the House.

The Christian Democratic Movement/KDH (4.3 percent) and the Hungarian Community Party/SMK (4 percent) would have remained outside the gates of Parliament as well. No other party would have gained more than 1 percent of the votes.

The survey showed that 69 percent of the respondents would have participated in an election and that 19.8 percent wouldn’t have done so. The remaining 11.2 percent were don’t knows.