Focus Poll: Slovaks Proud of Slovak National Uprising

(stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava August 26 (TASR) – According to a poll carried out by Focus agency on a sample of 1,002 respondents between August 11-16, the vast majority of the Slovak population (82 percent) is convinced that the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) was an event that people should be proud of, TASR learnt on Friday. 

Four out of ten respondents (42 percent) think that Slovaks should certainly be proud of the SNP, while approximately the same number of respondents (40 percent) said that people should tend to be proud of the SNP.

Conversely, 7 percent of the respondents think that Slovaks shouldn’t really be proud of the uprising that began on August 29, 1944, while 3 percent stated that they certainly shouldn’t be proud.

As many as 8 percent had no opinion concerning the question asked in the poll, which was as follows: “Soon in August, we’ll mark the 72nd anniversary of the SNP, which took place in 1944. Do you think that the SNP was an event that we should be proud of or not?”