For the People Party Wants Earlier Vaccination of Teachers

For the People MP Viera Lescakova (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 4 (TASR) – The co-governing For the People party supports reopening schools, but it’s aware of the inherent risk, and so its MP and member of the parliamentary education committee Viera Lescakova has asked for the committee to be convened in order to discuss earlier vaccination of teachers with the education minister, TASR learnt from the party’s press department.

“If we really care about classroom education for pupils, it’s our duty to protect the health of teachers, who are irreplaceable in the education process. If we reopen schools and lose teachers who fall ill, we’ll be back to square one, or even worse, as there might not be anybody to teach pupils even remotely due to a lack of teachers,” said Lescakova. Therefore, teachers should be inoculated earlier. “We should discuss how to address the situation as soon as possible with Education Minister Branislav Groehling (SaS), and so I’ve asked the committee head to convene an extraordinary meeting,” said Lescakova.

For the People supported changes in the so-called COVID automaton helping to reopen nursery schools, primary schools for first-level students and students of the final grades of secondary schools. Reopening schools as of February 8 was also supported by experts and epidemiologists in the pandemic commission.