Gajdos: Training Battalion in Martin Ready to Admit Voluntary Recruits

Defence Minister Peter Gajdos at the military training facility in Martin. (Photo by TASR)

Martin, June 2 (TASR) – A military training battalion in Martin (Zilina region) is ready to admit 50 people to join a pilot project of voluntary military preparation set to take place between July 6 and September 30, Defence Minister Peter Gajdos said during a visit to the battalion on Thursday.

“I was surprised to see that out of 129 volunteers who applied only 50 have remained. At any rate, we want to try out this pilot project,” said Gajdos.

Chief of General Staff Milan Maxim reported that all personnel and material conditions for the project have been properly prepared.

“We need reserves and we’ll do everything possible to see them finish successfully,” said Maxim.

According to Gajdos, after undergoing the training, the volunteers will be able to apply for serving in the military as professional soldiers. “However, we will not be uncomfortable if they join the Police Corps, Interior Ministry’s and other forces, including fire corps, rescue services and private security services,” said Gajdos.