Glvac: Importance and Message of SNP Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Prime Minister Robert Fico laying flowers at the SNP memorial in Bratislava to honour the victims of the anti-fascist resistance (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 28 (TASR) – All those who have experienced the horrors and misery of war are afraid that something similar could happen again, stated Anna Bergerova, one of the participants in the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) that began on August 29, 1944, during a commemorative event marking the 73rd anniversary of the Slovak anti-fascist resistance during WWII.

Speaking at the SNP memorial in Bratislava on Monday, with Prime Minister Robert Fico and Parliamentary Vice-chair Martin Glvac (both Smer-SD) in attendance, Bergerova stressed that it’s a duty not to ignore history and to speak to young people about what happened during WWII as well as about the reasons for which the conflict emerged in the first place.

Jan Chudik, another participant in the anti-fascist resistance, in this context pointed to the threat that society is currently facing. “There are similar phenomena as in the 1930s. It’s a great danger,” he said.

Glvac at the SNP memorial stated that the significance of the SNP shouldn’t be lost in Slovak society. “Nowadays, it’s important to stress that the SNP was a milestone, when we clearly stated on which side of the barricade we stood, when we chose peace, democracy and cooperation, and when we said that we wanted to cherish these values after the Second World War as well,” said Glvac, adding that Slovakia observes the same values nowadays.

The commemorative event was attended by various MPs, Government members, the President’s Honorary Guard, representatives of the Slovak Armed Forces and the Slovak Union of Anti-Fascist Partisans as well as representatives of state and public institutions. They honoured the victims and heroes of the SNP by laying wreaths at the SNP memorial.