Government Approves Suspension of COVID-Automaton until January 18

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, January 7 (TASR) – At its online session on Friday the Government approved a regulation suspending the COVID-automaton until January 18, Health Ministry’s spokesperson Zuzana Eliasova confirmed for TASR on the same day.

The COVID-automaton was initially suspended during a curfew. As the curfew will no longer be in place as of Monday (January 10), the Government had to decide on the COVID-automaton’s suspension again.

“The Government approved the suspension of the COVID-automaton until January 18. Under the currently valid regulation, the automaton has been suspended for the period of the curfew. As the curfew ends this Sunday, the COVID automaton would thus be automatically resumed with its end and so the Government had to decide on its suspension,” explained Eliasova.

The night-time curfew will be cancelled as of Monday. However, all the other measures concerning shops, services, hotels, ski resorts and travel on long-distance buses will remain in place. The state of emergency will also stay in place after January 9. The ban on gatherings of more than six persons (except for members of the same household) won’t be lifted, either.