Govt Dismisses Machala from Education Ministry Secretary General Post

Education Ministry secretary general Machala (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 8 (TASR) – Lukas Machala is leaving his secretary general post at the Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry after a month, as the Cabinet dismissed him on Wednesday based on Education Minister Martina Lubyova’s (a Slovak National Party/SNS nominee) recommendation.

As of Thursday (November 9), Machala will be replaced by Mario Schrenkel, who has until now occupied the post of head of the National Agriculture and Food Centre.

“After careful consideration and agreement with the minister, I decided to quit the post of the Education Ministry’s secretary general,” said Machala, who claimed to be a supporter of a new political culture. “First of all, I do care about the education minister and the whole ministry being able to do their job and fulfil our political agenda in peace. I will neither participate in scandalising the ministry, nor fuel the efforts of some media aimed at the purpose-made discrediting of my person,” he said. Machala is returning to his former advisory position for Parliamentary Chairman Andrej Danko (SNS).

The change in post comes after about one month. The Government installed Machala to the highest-ranking state official post at the Education Ministry on October 5. He replaced Helena Polakova. Lubyova explained his installation as being from an agreement made with SNS, saying she has no reservations against Machala.

Machala served as an advisor to Parliamentary Chairman Danko before. Answering the question as to whether this top ministerial post can be occupied by a person who in the past spread information about how the Illuminati are preparing for WWIII and that Vladimir Putin is the only one able to save the world, Lubyova in October said that Machala would not be her advisor. “He will be in charge of personnel and the administrative agenda. I really reserve the right to form opinions on things on my own,” she said.