HaZZ: Up to 700 Firefighters Dealing with Emergencies on Sunday

stock photo (TASR/AP)

Bratislava, October 29 (TASR) – Both professional firefighters and volunteers alike have been busy for more than 10 hours, clearing the damage caused by extremely strong winds that battered most of Slovakia on Sunday, TASR learnt from Zuzana Farkasova of the Firefighter and Emergency Corps (HaZZ) Presidium on the same day.

“Most emergencies occurred in Trencin region, where 180 firefighters went out on 60 various calls,” said Farkasova. Firefighters of Trnava region were summoned in 40 cases, in Nitra region 30 times, in Bratislava region 25, in Banska Bystrica region 21, in Zilina region 18, in Kosice region 8 and in Presov region they were summoned to 5 cases.

“The firefighters were most often summoned to remove fallen trees that block state roads and endanger parked cars. At some places, trees that fell on electric power lines caused blackouts lasting for hours. A total of 700 professional firefighters and volunteers were despatched to clear the debris caused by the windstorm on Sunday, with dozens of emergencies still pending,” concluded Farkasova.