Kazimir: Filko Was My Closest Aide, His Passing Hurts Me

(Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 13 (TASR) – “Martin Filko was my closest aide and a friend, so his passing hurts me both personally and professionally,” Finance Minister Peter Kazimir said Wednesday after Filko’s dead body was found in the Danube River near the village of Dobrohost in Dunajska Streda district (Trnava region).

Filko had been missing since March 28, when his canoe capsized in the Danube in Bratislava.

“As director of the Finance Ministry’s Institute of Finance Policy (IFP), he and his team carried out a huge pile of work that is irreplaceable for the ministry, even though it’s rather invisible to the public. The institute he headed is a unique body in the entire Slovak public sector, and as Martin was proud of it, I am too,” said Kazimir.

“Martin was a passionate seeker of truth. He was not only able to defend his opinions with professional arguments – he was strong-minded enough to fight for them, with anybody. I myself had the honour several times of being his opponent. Martin’s passing is a huge loss – for his family, friends and me personally.” added Kazimir.