KBS: Access to Public Meetings with Pope to be Granted to Non-vaccinated Too

Pope Francis (stock photo by TASR/AP)

Bratislava, September 4 (TASR) – Access to public meetings with Pope Francis in Presov, Kosice and Sastin will be granted not for the vaccinated only as planned, but instead switched to ‘OTP’ mode (meaning access for the vaccinated, tested and those who overcame COVID-19), the Episcopal Conference of Slovakia (KBS) announced on Saturday.

The non-vaccinated visitors will need to register on the website navstevapapeza.sk, due to be launched as of September 6.

“OTP visitors coming to see the Pope at events in Presov, Kosice and Sastin will have their own sectors with separate entrances, in full compliance with health regulations,” stated the KBS press department. “The fully vaccinated, who will have their separate points of ingress could decide freely whether to go to the sector for fully vaccinated or the OTP sector.”

Pope Francis is slated to visit Slovakia in September 12-15. Aside from Bratislava, he will visit cities of Presov and Kosice and take part in the national pilgrimage in Sastin.