Kiska along with Children from Children’s Homes Receive St. Nicholas

President Andrej Kiska meeting children from children's homes in the Presidential Palace, as part of the Saint Nicholas celebration

Bratislava, December 7 (TASR) – Slovak President Andrej Kiska met some hundred children from children’s homes in the Presidential Palace in Bratislava on Wednesday, as part of a Saint Nicholas Day (December 6) celebration, TASR learnt on the same day.

“All year long I’ve been meeting very precious visitors in this room, such as presidents and prime ministers, but this day is probably the most beautiful one, as the most precious visit has arrived – children from children’s homes,” said Kiska.

Little Alan from the children’s home in Bytca (Zilina region) helped the president light up the Christmas tree in the hall as well as the Christmas light decorations on the Presidential Palace. Afterwards, the children were joined by Saint Nicholas and his companions – the Angel and the Devil. He distributed packages of sweets to the children, and they sang songs and recited rhymes for him in return.

Earlier in the day Kiska also took part in a ceremony entitled ‘Child Deed of the Year 2016’.

In the ‘Saving Life’ category, Samuel Bezak of Bardejov (Presov region) was awarded for saving the life of his grandfather, who was attacked and stabbed with a knife.

In a category called ‘Helping people’ 16-year old Lea Kosikova of Chynorany (Trencin region) was awarded for her helping a homeless person. Lea regularly gave the homeless some of her pocket money, thanks to which a 30-year-old named Marek managed to save €125 and buy a one-way ticket to London. In the UK he found a job and accommodation and gave all the borrowed money back to Lea.