Kiska: Strength of Christianity to Be Seen among the Young

President Andrej Kiska at the traditional Marian pilgrimage in Levoca. (Photo by TASR)

Levoca, July 2 (TASR) – The current young people in Slovakia show what the country will look like in some 20-30 years, while I’ve witnessed wonderful positive energy emanating from them, President Andrej Kiska said after meeting young people at one of the country’s biggest Marian pilgrimages in Levoca on Sunday.

“I called on them to show with their deeds the goodness that is in us, because we need to hear especially from the young these days, as extremism is growing, with extremists frequently misusing God for promoting their ideas. Nevertheless, the strength of Christianity is to be seen here, among the young and in love, understanding and forgiveness. It was a powerful experience for me to meet them,” said Kiska, who attended the Levoca pilgrimage for the first time while in office.

The president pointed out that the pilgrimage marking the Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady has been taking place for 770 years on the Marian Hill above Levoca.

“Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims didn’t stop flowing here even during Communism. As far as I know, the only year when the pilgrimage couldn’t have happened was in 1949, but otherwise people have been coming here for 770 years to draw force and hope from the Mother of God,” added Kiska.