Kiska: We Need Actual School Reform and Expert in Ministerial Post

Slovak President Andrej Kiska (photo by TASR)

Tisovec, September 4 (TASR) – Slovakia is in need of actual school reform and a high-quality expert in the education minister post, President Andrej Kiska said in a speech he delivered at the ceremonial opening of the 2017/18 school year at the Evangelical Secondary Grammar School in Tisovec (Banska Bystrica region) on Monday.

“I asked the prime minister and the parliamentary chairman, who is concurrently leader of the Slovak National Party (SNS), that the name of the new education minister be a guarantee of true quality. I asked them to nominate a person who would not only be capable of launching desirable school reforms as soon as possible, but also who has the political strength to assert it,” stressed the president, adding that although the government is moving into the second half of its ruling, it still has not approved what will happen in a field as priority as the education sector.

Kiska pointed to the fact that no sector has had so many ministers as the education sector. “Each minister strove to implement his vision. There were still changes; however, each change in such a difficult system like the education sector is uneasy,” stated Kiska, adding that the level of the education sector affects how our country will look in the future.

“Slovakia is a very small country. We need to have an excellent education sector if we want it to be a modern country that we will be proud of. Unfortunately, it has lost being among the priorities of our politicians, we have lost our respect for education and for teachers,” said Kiska, labelling it a huge mistake.