Krajci Dismisses Heads of Economy Departments of Medical Facilities

Health Minister Marek Krajci (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 20 (TASR) – Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLaNO) on Thursday dismissed head of the economy department of Trencin Faculty Hospital Marek Sedik as well as the management of this hospital, plus head of the economy department of the National Transfusion Service (NTS) Adam Kaluzay.

Krajci announced these moves at a press conference on the same day, pointing to a tangle of business relations in the health-care system.

Krajci was notified about the problems in Trencin hospital in a letter written by representatives of the Basic Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives at Trencin Faculty Hospital. They pointed out poor and inefficient management. According to them, the hospital has repeatedly purchased equipment that can’t be used in the given wards.

Krajci also drew attention to the personnel and economic connections of NTS and Trencin hospital with several companies, as well as the increase in their financial turnover.

Tomas Janik will run Trencin Faculty Hospital temporarily as of Friday (August 21). According to Krajci, he’ll manage the hospital for a maximum of six months until a proper selection procedure is organised. Janik wants to stabilise the hospital staff as well as to carry out an audit of contracts. At the same time, he made sure he has no ties to local oligarchs, nor to doctors or other staff within the hospital.