Krajci: Slovakia Likely to Have Its First Coronavirus Fatality

Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLaNO). Photo by TASR

Bratislava, March 31 (TASR) – The autopsy of the COVID-19 positive patient who recently died after being released from the pulmonary ward at Bojnice Hospital (Trencin region) showed that the cause of death was pneumonia, Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLaNO) stated after the autopsy results came in on Tuesday.

“The patient died of cardio-respiratory failure… We know he tested positive [for the new coronavirus], hence it’s quite bewildering that they released him from hospital,” claimed Krajci, adding that the case will likely be Slovakia’s first COVID-19 fatality.

Health authorities already launched ex officio proceedings against the provider of health care. “In all likelihood, the patient was misdiagnosed in what seems to be an individual failure, but this must be investigated first,” declared the minister.