Lengvarsky: Antigen Tests Won’t Be Free of Charge Any More

Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 7 (TASR) – Antigen tests for COVID-19 will never be free of charge again, said Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky (an OLaNO nominee) following the Cabinet session on Wednesday, adding that a certain number of PCR tests per month might be made available for free, however.

The health minister said that a financial analysis on conducting antigen tests for a ‘symbolic fee’ might be submitted to the Coalition Council session on Monday (July 12). He indicated that the charge might be some €10.

If his proposal makes it through, it could be passed by Parliament as early as on July 22. If the epidemiological situation worsens, people who haven’t been vaccinated might be asked to present PCR test certificates at a number of locations.

Monitoring at border crossings is being planned as well, said Lengvarsky. LAMP tests might be used at airports, with Bratislava airport to start administering them very soon.

Lengvarsky added that all vaccination centres might start inoculating without invitations soon.