LSNS Wants Optional Inoculations

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Bratislava, January 20 (TASR) – Citizens of the Slovak Republic should be allowed to decide freely whether or not to undergo inoculation, according to a motion tabled by the far-right Opposition People’s Party Our Slovakia.

“Inoculations are performed en masse even on the smallest of children, despite the fact that the process carries significant health risks. Furthermore, in most cases, vaccinations are carried out on healthy people as a preventive measure – even when their lives and health are not directly in danger,” claimed the party, pointing out that under current legislation inoculations are not only mandatory but avoiding them is penalised by significant fines.

According to Marian Kotleba’s party, the inoculation process must be made optional. “Of the 28 EU-member states, inoculation is mandatory only in 14 – seven of which employ mandatory inoculation for a smaller number of illnesses than the Slovak Republic does. Among European states, vaccinations aren’t mandatory in, for instance, Switzerland, Norway, Russia and Iceland. Outside of Europe, they aren’t mandatory, for example, in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In the USA, they can be rejected for religious reasons in almost all states, so they aren’t mandatory there, either,” reads the text.